• About Dr. Joy

    Who is Dr. Joy Bodzioch?

    For me, the Big Question was, “Since God clearly wants to give us a life full of joy, where is the concise, step-by-step plan for achieving it?  ” … [After 40 years in my “personal desert”] I finally found the treasure — God’s perfect plan for well-being! … I grew more and more excited as I grasped that this might be the answer that had eluded me …

    (Joy Bodzioch – DISCOVER JOY, Well being God’s Way, p. 10-11)

    In her 20’s Joy realized that both her name and personal struggle revealed a unique mission:  to find — and share — the secrets for experiencing joy in all circumstances.  Although always suspecting that the answers to life’s deeper questions were in the Bible, she found it troublesome that those trying to follow God didn’t seem to find happiness or contentment any more easily than those who didn’t profess this faith.

    Joy also wondered what answers might be found in psychology, so she enrolled in graduate school and in 1983 received a doctorate in psychology from Texas Woman’s University. She served as a pediatric and family psychologist at a Dallas hospital, operated a private practice, wrote a manual for job-seekers, and did consulting work at a large Texas Job Corps center. While conducting working parent workshops, Joy discovered that similar skills were necessary to create a healthy interpersonal environment whether at work or at home, and this discovery culminated in the 1995 publication of her first book, Catching the Wave of Workforce Diversity: Powerful New Skills for Managers. Joy’s focus on diversity led to new opportunities including hosting her own educational radio series, presenting on an international diversity teleconference, and being named Entrepreneur of the Year.

    During this time, Joy actively participated in the National Speakers Association and the American Society of Training & Development. She served on the Dallas Bar Association’s Multicultural Dispute Resolution Mediation Team, and presented to the 1993 annual congress of the International Society for Education, Training, & Research. Along with her diverse staff, she presented programs to clients such as the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Hitachi, the Department of Labor, Western Area Power Administration, the Dallas County Probation Department, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department, Lederle Laboratories, and Four Seasons Resorts.

    In 1994, Joy relocated to Northern California, where four years later she became the Director of Children’s Ministry for the San Francisco Church of Christ (now Bay Area Christian Church.)  In 2001, she and her husband Adam moved to the island of Oahu to serve the church there.  While in Hawaii Joy managed a therapeutic foster care program, and later directed the graduate program at Wayland Baptist University – Hawaii.  She continued to hone her presentation skills, speaking to Christian groups and teaching graduate courses in psychology.  During this time, God finally revealed his keys for consistently experiencing his well-being, and once more changed the course of Joy’s life.

    In 2009 her second book, DISCOVER JOY – Well being God’s Way was released by Discipleship Publications International.  Joy and Adam re-joined their children in California, where Joy operates a private practice dedicated to helping clients experience total well-being.  Together, she and Adam wrote a marriage book entitled DISCOVER JOY IN YOUR MARRIAGE.  More recently, Joy has written an emotional wellness e-book called HAPPY BEING ME: Building Your Self-Worth on God’s Love.

    Joy has also appeared on radio and television (see media credits, below), has traveled to Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Mexico City, where she had an opportunity to train ministry leaders and speak to Christians throughout Latin America.   She has also conducted webinar throughout the U.S. and around the globe, and conducted a year-long international Emotional Wellness e- coaching program.  


    Radio Interviews

    KKVI – Valder Beebe Show (Dallas TX) – July 10, 2009 (Taped)

    He’s Alive Radio (6 stations) – AM Cafe with Melissa Flores (Maryland, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia) – July 14, 2009 (Taped)

    KFUO – The Morning Show with Paul Clayton (St. Louis MO) – July 16, 2009 (Live)

    WGNN, WGNJ – Great News Radio – Mark & Carrie in the Morning (East-Central IL & West-Central IN) – July 21, 2009 (Taped)

    WAFG – Vocal Point with Lesley Hurst (Ft. Lauderdale FL) – July 28, 2009 (Taped)

    UNI News – Outlook with George Carden (Crystal MN) – July 30, 2009 (Taped)

    Faith Radio Network – KTIS, KDNI, KIFNW, KNWC, KNWS, & WNWC – Along the Way (Maryland, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin) – August 3, 2009 (Live)

    WKTO – The Noon Show with Carol Henry (New Smyrna Beach FL) – August 4, 2009 (Live)


    WHME-TV – The Harvest Show with Stefan Radelich & Kelly Morgan (Internationally syndicated:  46 million viewers in North America; 78 million in Europe & Africa; 8 million in Argentina; 73 million in the Middle East; live worldwide real time internet) – August 26, 2009 (Live)