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    Here’s What People Say About Dr. Joy’s Presentations

    Comments from Mexico City:

    “Dr. Joy’s visit to Mexico was so inspiring.  I was touched by the way she explained about Vibrant Mental Health, God’s way.  I really got to understand how all the things we experience have the purpose of helping us be closer to God on our knees and in our hearts.  The way Dr. Joy shared her constant search for joy, and how she believed her name was a special calling from God to understand what joy really is, has been a blessing for all the people who attended her conference.  I now understand that God wants me to have consistent joy in my life, and this is far from what my human concept of joy was.  I also appreciated how a psychologist could be so humble toward God’s word, and how she gives it first place.  All my appreciation to Dr. Joy.”

    (Berenice Hernandez, Women’s Ministry Leader, Region Atizapan)


    “Dr. Joy was very inspiring.  She helped me to see that life is better when we understand God’s grace … That’s what God wants for us, that we become mature and emotionally healthy persons, and full of joy.  It has filled me with hope in taking the ministry that our God has charged us, to reflect his glory.  Great course!”  (David Ramirez)


    “With all the things that Dr. Bodzioch explained, it’s really exciting to know with certainty that he left in his Word the ideal path for us.  I appreciate a lot the humility of Dr. Joy when she said, “I always say, ‘my book, but in reality it’s God’s book, because he told me everything.’  All her training and how she has applied that to God’s path is an inspiration to us so we can focus on what kind of Christian women we dream to be, in a world where intellectual knowledge or just living emotions have left many without any emotional direction in the service to God.”  (Minerva Salinas)


    “It has been more or less a year of being separate from my husband.  Before taking this course it was very hard to speak of what I was feeling (hate, despair, abandonment, injustice, anger, rage, etc.)  I was afraid to feel all that and still be called a disciple.  When I was listening to the class I was able to look at how God wanted me to heal emotionally, to be free from deep inside my heart.  I have been working to feel more fulfilled in God.  Also, many things that I thought were forgotten came to the surface again and I have been working with God to be able to feel that vibrant mental health.  I want to send a big hug to Dr. Bodzioch and my admiration.  How much God used you as an instrument to change my life.  My biggest gratitude.”  (BD)


    “I liked the class a lot.  Everything we learned with Dr. Joy was useful.  Also I was motivated to search for happiness and joy in my life, and for those who surround me.  Something that was very special was [she was] like a mother with authority and wisdom giving advice to her children.  I also appreciate that she left homework because in that way we learn better.  (Victor A. Recendiz)


    “I am a social psychologist and for me the conference that Dr. Joy taught covered in a total way a search that I have had during my 18 years as a disciple, trying to find a balanced relationship between Psychology and Christianism, giving to the Bible the main place.  I think that Dr. Bodzioch was able to explain the topic so clearly, and what I most appreciate is that always her main view was always fundamented in the Bible, without being at war with science.  I thank you so much that we found an open door to this topic in the Mexico City Bible School.”  (Erica Ramos)


    “We want to thank you for coming to Mexico!  thank you for this class you gave to all the women:  we really appreciate it.  Knowing that everything’s possible with faith and God, and God’s way, is really inspiring and well as exciting!  (Alicia Esparza & Elsa Ortiz)

    Comments from Chicago IL:

    “Joy took the accumulated learning from her years of training, study, practice, and counsel, and affirmed the message [that] the Bible has been espousing from the beginning – that God is the key to vibrant mental health.  When someone with so much experience and credibility shares about the path to discovering joy, you tend to stop and listen with special attentiveness.  Not only did her class give good practicals for the journey, but it powerfully communicated God’s heart for people.”

    Meegan Zillman – Southland Womens Ministry Leader – Chicago Church of Christ


    “What a refreshing time it was to have Dr. Joy Bodzioch present ‘The DISCOVERY APPROACH to Christian Counseling’ to the full-time women of the Chicago Church of Christ.  In this workshop Dr. Joy used the principles of Jesus’ teaching to show us how to help ourselves and others to enjoy vibrant mental health.  We learned that through the proper use of God’s Word we have the valuable tools necessary to help  instruct, support and encourage those with mental health challenges.  At the conclusion of our time together each of us felt invigorated and better equipped to help those we serve in the ministry to find fulfillment, spiritual abundance, and vibrant mental health.”

    Marci Arneson, Congregational Womens Ministry Leader  – Chicago Church of Christ


    Comments from Los Angeles:

    “Thank you so much for coming to LA for our women’s training day!  We appreciated your focus on growing in our personal joy as we minister to other women.  Your conviction that vibrant mental health can only be achieved by walking with God was refreshing.  Also, your openness and personal examples reminded us that we could all overcome if we continually apply God’s word to our lives.  Thank you again for writing the book – and depending on God as you did it!  It was great to meet you and I believe God is using your life to help many women.”  (Laura Garcia)


    “Thank you so very much for coming to be with us today.  I know God has used you to better equip us to bring true healing through the beauty of the scriptures.  Your open and humble spirit is evident.  Thank you for helping us!!”  (Renee Quint)


    “Thank you, Joy, for sharing your heart for God, wisdom of teaching, and love for the saints!  I appreciate you taking the time to teach us and give us tools to glorify God through the love and understanding of our people.”  (Mae Lovgren)


    “It has been a JOY having you here.  You have left us with many great tools to better help others (and myself) to have emotional wellness and maturity.  Thank you!  Thank you!”  (Ana Slobodvik)

    Comments from Oahu HI:

    “You will really enjoy listening to Joy’s message.  Today, much is said in regard to how God wants us: happy, prosperous, and reaping all that we are sowing!  Much of the contemporary emphasis often falls short in teaching us how we can be blessed regardless of our circumstances …. You will find Joy’s message inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging!

    Emma Graham – Master of Christian Ministry 3rd Year Graduate Student


    “I really liked the pace and the amount of information shared during your workshop ….  I thought the workshop topic attractive and the content encouraging.  There are so many ‘keys’ to joy in God’s way that I am glad someone with your knowledge and faith is offering this type of workshop …. I am sure a lot of people … will benefit tremendously from this!”

    Henrique Regina – Wayland Baptist University – Asst Executive Director, HI Campus


    “I have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Joy Bodzioch speak on many different occasions.  What stands out is not only her knowledge of the scriptures, but the confidence she exudes … whether it be in a marriage workshop or larger … forum …”

    Sally Tupper – Oahu Church of Christ


    Comments about the book, DISCOVER JOY – Well-being God’s Way:

    DISCOVER JOY. What a great title!  A play on the author’s name, this book offers to take the reader on a journey to find deep and lasting joy.  As a woman who can be melancholy by nature, I am always in search of ways to become a more cheerful, happy person.  The answers, affirm the author, are right in front of me, in the most famous sermon in history.

    Dr. Joy Bodzioch guides us as we study what has been called “the Beatitudes” (the blessings).  Jesus presented these blessings as a recipe for a joyful, fulfilling life.  We can have “vibrant mental health” (joy) if we follow each part of the recipe.  As we develop each quality of the recipe in our hearts and actions, we are able to fulfill our destiny in this life and of course, for eternity.  Each facet of the beatitudes seems to be a paradox.  But as we study and follow Jesus example, we see how we are to live.

    Because of her background in psychology, “Dr. Joy” has seen so many people suffering from emotional, mental, and spiritual distress.  Without dismissing the need for some to seek professional counsel, she wholeheartedly believes that Jesus’ way is the way to overcome the painful thought processes that diminish our joy.  I am grateful that she has chosen to share her words of wisdom and experience with us.  Her knowledge and use of scripture is incredibly helpful, and reminds me that the answers to life are truly in God’s word.  Dr. Joy also uses many questions and practical steps that help me to reflect and apply what I am reading.

    This book guided me to the first beatitude:  “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”  This is where I must begin, recognizing my desperate need for God.  I always say that I am nothing without Him, but as I read I gained a deeper commitment to those words.  Being reminded of my need for God, the next step is to mourn for my sin.  I have been a Christian for 35 years, and even now it is crucial to recognize sin in my life and take sin seriously.  The scriptures that Dr. Joy provided, along with her words and examples, convicted me to confess and deal with attitudes and behavior that hurt God and others.  As Dr. Joy puts it, “When we are unloving, impatient, angry, critical, unkind, harsh or unforgiving, our sin not only prevents us from living peacefully with others, it can do long-term and even eternal damage to the people in our lives.”

    As I continued to read about the steps that include meekness, hungering for righteousness and so on (you will have to read them for yourself!) I was reminded of the powerful way that God’s word has changed me and persists in changing me!  Since I have been pursuing holiness and joy for a long time, I loved being reminded that, “Of course this is not an overnight process.  Spiritual growth is much like human development:  with our cooperation, over the course of years through a series of starts, stops, mistakes, and victories, God works to mature us until we become fully the person he created.”

    Blessed are those who read “Discover Joy”, for they will be instructed by scriptures, guided by truth, and encouraged on the journey to biblical joy.

    DT Women Today – Review by Kay S. McKean, Northern Virginia


    Joy is a feeling of happiness, which so often eludes so many.  “Discover Joy:  Well-being, God’s Way” is a guide to good mental health through spirituality and embracing God and Jesus, with the idea that the teachings of Christ are as psychological as they are words to live by.  With tips on dealing with the common mental health issues people face, such as depression, “Discover Joy” does well in inspiring readers to look to the divine for a better life.

    Midwest Book Review – Oregon


    “I am reading Discover Joy, and all I can say is wow. Each chapter is like eating a full meal! I really like it and will recommend it at the book table.”

    Jeannine Spencer – Greater St. Louis Church of Christ


    “I am reading Joy’s book and am so impressed and inspired by her professional and spiritual blend of wisdom …. As I read, I feel like I am receiving a lifetime of wisdom and my little spoon is trying to scoop it up. Each main point in each chapter deserves quality time to soak it up and appreciate all the truth and promises of God she shares. Her writing is so helpful because it is also down to earth and understandable ….”

    Marcia Lamb – Disciples Today, Chicago IL


    “This book is a must-read for anyone serious about having a spiritual plan of action for dealing with matters of the heart. I really enjoyed the questions at the end of each chapter since they helped me reflect on what I read and how it applies to my life. I can attest that Dr. Bodzioch’s personal life reflects the joy discussed in her book.”

    Kristine McMillan-Chau – Oahu Church of Christ, Hawaii


    “God has given us the opportunity to have a Discover Joy group of eight women for almost a year.  We learned God’s characteristics and how to repent, scripture sharing through discipling and prayer.  We also learned to teach what we learned chapter by chapter through individual lessons while holding each other accountable.  I especially enjoyed the fun creative games that were individually made up for each chapter ….  On a personal note, Discover Joy helped me remember where I came from as a disciple …. My gratitude for God has grown greatly and I can now look in the mirror and remember where I came from.  Having God, prayer and my journal, I believe I can get back to where I came from and beyond, thanks to Discover Joy.”

    Therese Belt  – Phoenix Valley Church,  AZ