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    Talks (Presentations)

    Each presentation offered by Dr. Joy is based on a strong biblical foundation and her book, DISCOVER JOY – Well being God’s Way. She prefers to design each program to meet the unique needs of your particular group.  Please contact Dr. Joy for more information.



    The Path to Unexpected Blessing

    (This “signature presentation” is ideal for your next “Womens Day” or retreat!)

    Based on the book, DISCOVER JOY, this message is designed to encourage, inspire, and prepare women to:

    * Understand the depth of God’s love for each of us individually, regardless of our circumstances, sins, or weaknesses

    * Appreciate and make the most of the amazing gift Jesus gave us in his Beatitudes

    * Surrender to God in times of suffering, trusting that these are the “ripe times” for greater intimacy with God

    * Boldly move forward to fully use their gifts, strengths, and life experiences to glorify God.

    The first words of Jesus’ first sermon in the first book of the New Testament show that God passionately wants to bless us.  Unfortunately, many of us never experience the peace and joy that Jesus bring.  Why?  Because:  (1)  We don’t recognize blessing when it comes, and (2) We believe we get what we deserve (and few of us believe we deserve God’s blessing!)  Once we acknowledge the truth that blessing comes because of WHO GOD IS, we are ready to receive his treasure map – Jesus Royal Road for experiencing the most profound joy ever known.  And, although suffering is inevitable, it can also teach us that our deepest desire is for God, who is always there to satisfy in a way that nothing and no one else can.  This message brings great hope and encouragement to every women, regardless of her faith or life circumstances.


     How to Discover a New Kind of Wellness

    This talk appeals to those who are seeking psychological and spiritual health — psycho-spiritual well-being or “vibrant mental health.”  This kind of wellness goes beyond the absence of pain to include an experience of joy as well as character traits that increase life satisfaction, fulfillment, and positive relationships.  What are these traits, and how can we develop them?  Everyone wants to be happy, but are you developing those elusive attitudes and habits that lead to greater levels of inner peace and contentment?  Join me as we distill solid research and ancient wisdom into an upbeat, inspiring, and down-to-earth dose of encouragement!


    How to Create an Inspiring Marriage that Glorifies God

    (A half-day or full-day workshop, co-facilitated by Adam & Joy Bodzioch)

    Based on Matthew 5:3-10, this workshop includes 8 interactive modules:

    * Decide to trust God’s way:  acknowledge that we cannot have a great marriage without God’s help

    * Imagine true oneness:  see God’s vision, our strengths, and areas for repentance in marriage

    * Surrender to each other:  follow God’s plan for marriage based on love and respect

    * Commit to grow in faith and love:  desire oneness in every area of marriage

    * Overflow with compassion:  become quick to apologize and forgive

    * Value holiness:  purify our motives, thoughts, and behavior

    * Encourage reconciliation:  approach disagreement as an opportunity for growth and greater unity

    * Reflect the heart of Christ:  use our marriages as tools for seeking and saving the lost.

    Based on Adam and Joy’s forthcoming book by the same title, this workshop teaches couples to build a marriage worthy of great blessing.  First, couples decide whether their relationship is built on the only unshakable foundation – a rock-solid devotion to God and his Word.  Spouses then learn to imitate the love and respect exemplified by Christ and his bride, the church.  Next come the desire for perfect unity, and a willingness to practice humility in times of disagreement.  Finally, couples consider how their marriages can become beacons to light the way for troubled marriages in their communities.  Small group discussion and exercises give couples an opportunity to assess their marriages and begin putting these principles into practice.

    (Customized Seminars & Workshops Available Upon Request)

    For more information about Dr. Joy’s programs, contact her at 925.400.5744