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Are you ready to SOAR?  I believe each of us is created to experience a life of great excitement and meaning, to fulfill our unique God-designed destiny, and enjoy relationships that not only meet our deepest needs but last a lifetime!  I’m Dr. Joy Bodzioch, a clinical psychologist, Christian author, and speaker with over three decades of experience fusing inspiration and positive psychology. Whether meeting 1-on-1 in my office or speaking to your group, I love helping people like YOU realize their highest dreams by growing in faith, hope, and love.

Whatever the circumstances, each of us can overcome the obstacles that can keep us stuck in a life of mediocrity or pain.

Come along! I’ll guide and support you to live your best life – and find fulfillment, inner peace, satisfying relationships – JOY!

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CUTV News Radio Interview
from March 13, 2019

About her work, faith
and her new book

10 Keys to a Rich & Satisfying Life by Dr Joy Bodzioch

Available in August 2019

Timeless Wisdom for Total Well-being

By Dr. Joy Bodzioch

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Dr. Joy Bodzioch

Dr. Joy Bodzioch

Clinical Psychologist

I fuse Christian spirituality and positive psychology to focus on:

  • Couples and women’s issues
  • Parenting
  • Mood & Anxiety Disorders
  • Grief & Loss
  • Conflict Resolution

To learn more about my approach, visit the “Psychology Practice” tab!

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I love to share what I’ve learned over the course of my career (and lifetime) and have found writing to be an excellent medium to do that. My books include:

  • Discover Joy 
  • Discover Joy in your Marriage
  • Happy Being Me
  • 10  Keys to a Rich and Satisfying Life

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Like my books, my presentations are based on a strong biblical foundation. I customize each program to address the needs of the group. Topics include:

  • Secrets of Well-being That Can Change Your Life (How to Find Your Joy!)
  • Discover Joy! – The Path to Unexpected Blessing
  • Discover Joy in Your Marriage – Creating an Inspiring Relationship that Meets Your Needs & Glorifies God

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How to Love Life and Find Your Joy

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