Author Joy Bodzioch

As a psychologist I have always been more interested in mental health than in mental illness.  At the same time, I believe that the answers to TRUE WELLNESS can only be found by using an approach that integrates the entire realm of human experience — intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual.

In 2004, after a 40-year quest, I made a stunning discovery … an ancient blueprint for vibrant mental health as valid today as it was 2000 years ago!  Since that time I have shared this amazing message in two books:  DISCOVER JOY:  Well-being God’s Way, and DISCOVER JOY IN YOUR MARRIAGE:  Living the Beatitudes. These books, along with my other works, are available on and

My newest book, entitled TEN KEYS TO A RICH & SATISFYING LIFE: Timeless Wisdom for Total Well-being, AVAILABLE NOW. Learn the secrets that enable you to enjoy:

  • Glowing physical health
  • Fulfilling supportive relationships
  • A positive, grateful spirit in every situation
  • Clarity and a sense of destiny about your life purpose, and
  • An unshakable faith that provides inner peace and the ability to choose wisely for continued growth.

Copies of this book can be ordered from

10 Keys to a Rich & Satisfying Life by Dr Joy Bodzioch
Discover Joy in Your Marriage book by Dr. Joy Bodzioch

DISCOVER JOY IN YOUR MARRIAGE: Living the Beatitudes by Adam and Joy Bodzioch uses Bible teaching, real-life vignettes, personal examples, and 43 practical exercises to help you work with God to create a marriage that exceeds your dreams. This book:

  • Shows how living the Beatitudes with your spouse transforms your marriage
  • Takes you through a series of steps for growing in love and intimacy
  • Helps you have a fulfilling spiritual, intellectual, and emotional bond
  • Gives you some straight talk about improving your sexual relationship, and
  • Leads you to an exemplary marriage that encourages and helps others.

DISCOVER JOY: Well-being God’s Way shows you how to enjoy vibrant mental health by surrendering to God and living in the center of his will. This book:

  • Reveals Jesus’ direction for experiencing Christian joy
  • Shows you how to live the Beatitudes to flourish in the fruit of his Spirit, and
  • Illuminates God’s way to greater mental health and contentment.
Discover Joy book by Dr. Joy Bodzioch
Happy Being Me book by Dr. Joy Bodzioch

HAPPY BEING ME: Building Your Self-Worth on God’s Love is a Kindle book designed to help you understand and accept your own value. Using this little guide, you can begin to:

  • Accept God’s view of you (your promise)
  • Reflect God’s image (your purpose)
  • Believe that God loves you (your pedigree), and
  • Allow God to transform you (your power)