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As a psychologist I have always been more interested in mental health than in mental illness.  At the same time, I believe that the answers to TRUE WELLNESS can only be found by using an approach that integrates the entire realm of human experience — intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual.

In 2004, after a 40-year quest, I made a stunning discovery … an ancient blueprint for vibrant mental health as valid today as it was 2000 years ago! Since 2004 I have shared my message of faith, hope, and JOY in five books: Discover Joy, Discover Joy in Your Marriage, Happy Being Me, Ten Keys to a Rich & Satisfying Life, and my newest book, The Mental Health Message of MatthewThese books, along with my other works, are available on and and directly from me.

Dr. Joy Bodziach with her new book The Mental Health Message of Matthew
The Mental Health Message of Matthew - Book Cover

My newest book, entitled The Mental Health Message of Matthew: 28 Days with Jesus, is designed to: 

  • Illuminate God’s way to greater mental and emotional health.
  • Help you find inner peace and joy.
  • Show you how the life and teachings of Jesus provide a guide for living your best possible life. 
  • Provide an easy-to-use, meaningful, daily devotional tool for your spiritual growth. 

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TEN KEYS TO A RICH & SATISFYING LIFE: Timeless Wisdom for Total Well-being Learn the secrets that enable you to enjoy:

  • Glowing physical health
  • Fulfilling supportive relationships
  • A positive, grateful spirit in every situation
  • Clarity and a sense of destiny about your life purpose, and
  • An unshakable faith that provides inner peace and the ability to choose wisely for continued growth.

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10 Keys to a Rich & Satisfying Life by Dr Joy Bodzioch
Discover Joy in Your Marriage book by Dr. Joy Bodzioch

DISCOVER JOY IN YOUR MARRIAGE: Living the Beatitudes by Adam and Joy Bodzioch uses Bible teaching, real-life vignettes, personal examples, and 43 practical exercises to help you work with God to create a marriage that exceeds your dreams. This book:

  • Shows how living the Beatitudes with your spouse transforms your marriage
  • Takes you through a series of steps for growing in love and intimacy
  • Helps you have a fulfilling spiritual, intellectual, and emotional bond
  • Gives you some straight talk about improving your sexual relationship, and
  • Leads you to an exemplary marriage that encourages and helps others.

DISCOVER JOY: Well-being God’s Way shows you how to enjoy vibrant mental health by surrendering to God and living in the center of his will. This book:

  • Reveals Jesus’ direction for experiencing Christian joy
  • Shows you how to live the Beatitudes to flourish in the fruit of his Spirit, and
  • Illuminates God’s way to greater mental health and contentment.
Discover Joy book by Dr. Joy Bodzioch
Happy Being Me book by Dr. Joy Bodzioch

HAPPY BEING ME: Building Your Self-Worth on God’s Love is a Kindle book designed to help you understand and accept your own value. Using this little guide, you can begin to:

  • Accept God’s view of you (your promise)
  • Reflect God’s image (your purpose)
  • Believe that God loves you (your pedigree), and
  • Allow God to transform you (your power)