Thank you for your interest in my private practice!

I became a clinical psychologist in the 1980’s, when I completed my doctoral degree at Texas Woman’s University. Since that time, I have treated a wide variety of clients, including those with trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, cancer, relationship conflicts, and more.

Today I am located in a suburb of Tucson AZ, where I offer individual therapy, specializing in women’s issues and senior mental health. (Please note that I can accept your Medicare insurance.) Most of my clients suffer from depression or anxiety, and appreciate the fact that I am able to fuse positive psychology with biblical teaching. My sessions are available in online or face-to-face format.

If you’re interested in a free 30-minute get-acquainted consultation, give me a call at 925-400-5744!

My Areas of Focus

Counseling, psychotherapy & life coaching

Unique challenges of seniors

Treatment of depression & anxiety, chronic pain & cancer

My Services

  • Individual psychotherapy with adults and seniors
  • Evidence-based treatment of depression and anxiety
  • Resolution of grief and loss
  • Women’s issues; empty nest/menopause, and other age-related concerns
  • Prevention and treatment of stress-related disorders
  • Spiritual counseling (fusing positive psychology and biblical teaching)
  • Presentations and workshops

If you are interested in services that are not included above, please give me a call to find out whether these are available.

I offer a free 30-minute get-acquainted session by phone or in person. 

Unique Aspects of My Practice

  • I am actively involved in every session, collaborating with you to give you tools, and teach you new skills to achieve your goals.  In many cases, you’ll also have “homework” to practice between sessions, ensuring you’ll make meaningful changes more quickly.
  • Compared to other psychologists with extensive experience, you’ll find my fees very fair. I am also a Medicare provider. If you are struggling financially, we may decide to meet every other week once we’ve completed the assessment phase (2-3 sessions) of the therapy.
  • MOST importantly, I expect you to enjoy the time we spend together!  Everything we do is designed to nurture, encourage, and support your overall growth toward well-being, helping you enjoy greater security, significance, and synergy in all areas of your life.