Each presentation offered by Dr. Joy is based on a strong biblical foundation and her book, DISCOVER JOY – Well being God’s Way. She prefers to design each program to meet the unique needs of your particular group.  Please contact Dr. Joy for more information.



(This “signature presentation” is ideal for your next event – and can be tailored to your unique needs!)

Whether you need a short inspirational message, a half-day workshop, or a weekend seminar, Dr. Joy will give each member of your audience the tools to flourish spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and relationally – to experience total well-being, God’s way!

Drawing on biblical principles, positive psychology, and her newest book, she will encourage and empower each member of your group to:

  • Choose to believe that God, in his goodness and love, passionately wants to bless us individually
  • Accept that God is eager, willing, and able to come to our aid when we rely on him
  • Maintain a positive focus that reflects our faith, transforms our attitude, and revolutionizes our mood
  • Rely on God’s “vision motivation” to move forward even in times of discouragement or despair
  • Value their self-worth and uniqueness based on God’s perspective, purpose, and power
  • Clarify their own unique mission, purpose, and destiny based on God’s intention and plan (Note: Ask Dr. Joy about her workshop based on this topic!)
  • Experience constant gratitude for God’s love, care, presence, abundance – and even life’s challenges
  • Learn to trust God and relax, even in challenging circumstance
  • Enjoy healthy, gratifying relationships by developing compassion and a loving spirit
  • Develop the ability to tune in – really listen – before expressing personal opinions.


How to Create an Inspiring Marriage that Glorifies God

(A half-day or full-day workshop, co-facilitated by Adam & Joy Bodzioch)

Based on Matthew 5:3-10, this workshop includes 8 interactive modules:

  • Decide to trust God’s way:  acknowledge that we cannot have a great marriage without God’s help
  • Imagine true oneness:  see God’s vision, our strengths, and areas for repentance in marriage
  • Surrender to each other:  follow God’s plan for marriage based on love and respect
  • Commit to grow in faith and love:  desire oneness in every area of marriage
  • Overflow with compassion:  become quick to apologize and forgive
  • Value holiness:  purify our motives, thoughts, and behavior
  • Encourage reconciliation:  approach disagreement as an opportunity for growth and greater unity
  • Reflect the heart of Christ:  use our marriages as tools for seeking and saving the lost.

Based on Adam and Joy’s book by the same title, this workshop teaches couples to build a marriage worthy of great blessing.  First, couples decide whether their relationship is built on the only unshakable foundation – a rock-solid devotion to God and his Word.  Spouses then learn to imitate the love and respect exemplified by Christ and his bride, the church.  Next come the desire for perfect unity, and a willingness to practice humility in times of disagreement.  Finally, couples consider how their marriages can become beacons to light the way for troubled marriages in their communities.  Small group discussion and exercises give couples an opportunity to assess their marriages and begin putting these principles into practice.

Customized Seminars & Workshops Available Upon Request


“Dr. Joy’s visit to Mexico was so inspiring.  I was touched by the way she explained about Vibrant Mental Health, God’s way.  I really got to understand how all the things we experience have the purpose of helping us be closer to God on our knees and in our hearts.  The way Dr. Joy shared her constant search for joy, and how she believed her name was a special calling from God to understand what joy really is, has been a blessing for all the people who attended her conference.  I now understand that God wants me to have consistent joy in my life, and this is far from what my human concept of joy was.  I also appreciated how a psychologist could be so humble toward God’s word, and how she gives it first place.  All my appreciation to Dr. Joy.”

Berenice Hernandez, Women’s Ministry Leader, Region Atizapan, Mexico City

“With all the things that Dr. Bodzioch explained, it’s really exciting to know with certainty that he left in his Word the ideal path for us.  I appreciate a lot the humility of Dr. Joy when she said, “I always say, ‘my book, but in reality it’s God’s book, because he told me everything.’  All her training and how she has applied that to God’s path is an inspiration to us so we can focus on what kind of Christian women we dream to be, in a world where intellectual knowledge or just living emotions have left many without any emotional direction in the service to God.”

Minerva Salinas, Mexico City

“I am a social psychologist and for me the conference that Dr. Joy taught covered in a total way a search that I have had during my 18 years as a disciple, trying to find a balanced relationship between Psychology and Christianism, giving to the Bible the main place.  I think that Dr. Bodzioch was able to explain the topic so clearly, and what I most appreciate is that always her main view was always fundamented in the Bible, without being at war with science.  I thank you so much that we found an open door to this topic in the Mexico City Bible School.”

Erica Ramos, Mexico City

“Joy took the accumulated learning from her years of training, study, practice, and counsel, and affirmed the message [that] the Bible has been espousing from the beginning – that God is the key to vibrant mental health.  When someone with so much experience and credibility shares about the path to discovering joy, you tend to stop and listen with special attentiveness.  Not only did her class give good practicals for the journey, but it powerfully communicated God’s heart for people.”

Meegan Zillman, Southland Womens Ministry Leader – Chicago Church of Christ

“What a refreshing time it was to have Dr. Joy Bodzioch present ‘The DISCOVERY APPROACH to Christian Counseling’ to the full-time women of the Chicago Church of Christ.  In this workshop Dr. Joy used the principles of Jesus’ teaching to show us how to help ourselves and others to enjoy vibrant mental health.  We learned that through the proper use of God’s Word we have the valuable tools necessary to help  instruct, support and encourage those with mental health challenges.  At the conclusion of our time together each of us felt invigorated and better equipped to help those we serve in the ministry to find fulfillment, spiritual abundance, and vibrant mental health.”

Marci Arneson, Congregational Womens Minister Leader - Chicago Church of Christ

“Thank you so much for coming to LA for our women’s training day!  We appreciated your focus on growing in our personal joy as we minister to other women.  Your conviction that vibrant mental health can only be achieved by walking with God was refreshing.  Also, your openness and personal examples reminded us that we could all overcome if we continually apply God’s word to our lives.  Thank you again for writing the book – and depending on God as you did it!  It was great to meet you and I believe God is using your life to help many women.”

Laura Garcia, Los Angeles

“Thank you so very much for coming to be with us today.  I know God has used you to better equip us to bring true healing through the beauty of the scriptures.  Your open and humble spirit is evident.  Thank you for helping us!!”

Renee Quint, Los Angeles

“It has been a JOY having you here.  You have left us with many great tools to better help others (and myself) to have emotional wellness and maturity.  Thank you!  Thank you!”

Ana Slobodvik, Los Angeles

“You will really enjoy listening to Joy’s message.  Today, much is said in regard to how God wants us: happy, prosperous, and reaping all that we are sowing!  Much of the contemporary emphasis often falls short in teaching us how we can be blessed regardless of our circumstances …. You will find Joy’s message inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging!

Emma Graham, Master of Christian Ministry - Oahu, Hawaii

“I have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Joy Bodzioch speak on many different occasions.  What stands out is not only her knowledge of the scriptures, but the confidence she exudes … whether it be in a marriage workshop or larger … forum …”

Sally Tupper, Oahu Church of Christ, Ohau, Hawaii