(Therapy should be a LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Here are some of the skills I teach my clients.)

DECIDE on the way of truth
(Telling yourself the TRUTH – especially acknowledging your positive qualities and the things you are grateful for – is a key to overcoming discouragement!)

IMAGINE letting go
(Because we all experience loss, it’s essential to have specific TOOLS for letting go. These tools include writing statements of apology, forgiveness, and significant feelings. For more information about how to complete a loss experience, I recommend The Grief Recovery Handbook by John James and Russell Friedman.)

SURRENDER to peace
(Since stress is part of modern life, we must develop CONSTRUCTIVE SKILLS for preventing and handling challenging life situations. These skills include deep muscle relaxation and breathing, and positive imagery and self-statements.)

COMMIT to life
(Each day is full of choices. Are your choices healthy? Do they ENHANCE your life, or make it more difficult? Learning to make healthy choices is a key to experiencing wellness!)

OVERFLOW with compassion
(Relationships make our lives full and meaningful, but we receive little or no training in the skills needed for positive, healthy interactions! Whether it’s a friendship, a marriage, or a parent-child relationship, we need specific skills – like expressive skills and active listening – that are relationship-BUILDERS!)

VALUE integrity
(How are you unique and different from other people? What special strengths and qualities do you have? What do you want to be known for? These are just some of the questions involved in finding your destiny and expressing your personal VOICE!)

ENCOURAGE reconciliation
(Conflict is a reality of relationships! How we handle that conflict will make or break the relationship. Styles of problem-solving include conflict-avoiding, quick-to-get angry/volatile, and validating/collaborating. Regardless of which style you currently use, you CAN learn more constructive ways to disagree and get resolved!)

REFLECT a servant heart
(Are you a natural leader? Again, leadership is a LEARNED SKILL — which pays great dividends at home and at work!)