Although modern psychology has added much to our understanding of human beings, I believe the ancient Scriptures provide essential wisdom for building an exciting, productive, and meaningful life.  Don’t misunderstand:  I’m not talking about being religious!  Finding well-being – inner peace and joy –  is about relationship, specifically a deep, genuine, powerful, and intimate relationship with the living God.  Over the years I’ve come to believe that our ability to experience joy, even in difficult circumstances, depends on our desire to seek God and ability to tune in to God. This blog is based on the following acronym:

W – WELCOME Him Each Day

A – ADMIT Your Need

L – LET Him Empower You

K – KEEP Trusting Him 

Each of these four steps is crucial if we’re to WALK with him throughout our lives — to grow in our understanding of God, our ability to draw from his strength and power, and our passion to experience his inner peace and joy.  That’s why every entry in this blog will explore one of these steps!

Also notice that our goal is to walk with joy!  In the introduction to my book, Discover Joy, I wrote that, “I can relate to the Israelites, since I spent … 40 years wandering and struggling in my personal ‘desert.’  I knew a lot of folks who were trying to live by the Bible, but they often did not seem to find happiness or contentment any more easily than others who didn’t profess faith in God.  For me, the Big Question was, ‘Since God clearly wants to give us a life full of joy, where is the concise, step-by-step plan for achieving it?’”  In the rest of the book, I explain how God suddenly revealed the answer to that question, where that step-by-step plan is found, and how to follow it.